Tuesday, June 23, 2015

"HOUSE" project (2003-2004)

Perhaps it's because of today's Father's Day that I'm in a mood and decided to share with you the documentation of my old diploma project created in my parents' house in 2004.

"Radziszewski thoroughly rearranged his parents' house in Bialystok. For the organising motif he chose an ornament remembered from childhood - a floral pattern from a fabric from which the curtains and the upholstery were made in Radziszewskis' home. As he grew up, the fabric disappeard from the family landscape, only to return in the shape of a monumental mural painting covering the house's inner walls.
As part of the project Radziszewski also changed the decor of his younger brother's room, and painted his parents' full-scale portrait on the wall of their sleeping room. Other walls were decorated with portraits, repainted from photographs, of the family members, including the dog. The artist's relatives took an active part in executing the project."

(text by Stach Szabłowski, from the "I Always Wanted" exhibition catalogue published by CCA Zamek Ujazdowski, Warsaw)

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