Monday, April 16, 2012



16 – 26 April
Temporary Gallery Cologne, Mauritiuswall 35, Koln
opening: 16 April, 5pm

A subjective presentation of the Polish self-publishing movement, zines and independent music labels, part of the exhibition Coming Soon (arriere-garde)

Self-publishing zines: "Western" Kuba Dąbrowski; "Przedwiośnie" (“Coming Spring”) Karolina Zajączkowska; “Normalizm" (“Normalism”) Jan Rogalo; "Sąsiedzi" (“Neighbours”) Paweł Eibel, Michał Kozłowski; "Łukasz Wierzbowski" Łukasz Wierzbowski; "Bilogia/Chemia/Fizyka" (“Biology/Chemistry/Physics”) Waldemar Pranckiewicz, Krzysztof Solarewicz, Łukasz Rusznica; "Smog" and "Near, infra" Łukasz Rusznica; "U" Agnieszka Rayss, Jan Brykczyński, Rafał Milach, Andrej Liankevich, Ivan Kurinnoy, Justyna Mielnikiewicz, Janis Pipars, Filip Singer, Andrej Balco; "(IS)not" Agnieszka Rayss, Jan Brykczyński, Michał Łuczak, Adam Pańczuk, Rafał Milach - Sputnik Photos; "Drewniane Gody" (“Wooden Anniversary”) Filip Zawada; "Czułość" (“Tenderness/Sensitivity to Light”) Czułość; "Yulka Wilam" Yulka Wilam; „VIP zin”, „Marios Dik” Karol Radziszewski
as collected by Czułość Gallery in cooperation with
Music labels: Bad Indian Recordings, Crunchy Human Children, Mik Musik, Pink punk, Sangoplasmo Records

Design: Ewa Naporowska
Curators: Zuzanna M. Koszuta and Czułość Gallery

A land well known and inhabited for ages has recently become completely unbearable. Young (at hearts) artists, reluctant to collaborate with mainstream institutions, prefer to act on their own. They choose action instead of an inactive wait for a change.
On a raft made from pieces found among the pop-culture junk, standing up against the main stream, there float the results of this young, uncompromising attitude. Publishers, artistic groups, rock’n’roll bands, galleries, clubs and other kinds of mental spaces anchor here and there. Happenings, gigs and exhibitions take place, albums, books, blogs, zines are created.
It’s hard to say whether this raft has been built to escape, or as a means to reach the “green island”. The most important is that it allows to be on the road. There is no captain, but the crew takes rawing in turns. The DIY rule allows you to stay independent, even when there is no money . The less you have, the more creative you become. Necessity is the mother of invention.
We have decided to devote a part of the space of the Coming Soon exhibition to present self-publishing publications, both from the field of visual arts as well as music. On the Raft you can find books collected by Czułość Gallery and as well as albums from the Polish alternative music labels (such as Bad Indian Recordings, Crunchy Human Children, Mik Musik, Pink punk or Sangoplasmo Records) and all sorts of related merchandise.
Zuzanna M. Koszuta

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