Monday, June 27, 2011

Forza Nuova

group show

from the 30th of June to the 1st of August
Preview: 30th of June, 6.30 pm

Cannaregio 4828
Venice 30121

curated by Nicola Ruben Montini
works by Giovanni Morbin, Vanessa Mitter, Giusy Pirrotta, Olympia Polymeni, Karol Radziszewski

FORZA NUOVA is a paradoxical and  brainstorming event, between political and allusive blunt statements. For the preview evening, Space4828 is delighted to present “The Mock Modernist Manifesto”, performance by Vanessa Mitter, from 6.30 p.m.
Alongside Giovanni Morbin’s work “Il Popolo d’Italia” (2007), where the artist displays the volume hidden between the bodies and the arms of a group of young fascists, the work of Karol Radziszewski “Fag Fighters: Prologue” (2007) shows the artists's grandmother preparing the pink masks for a punitive actions of "fags" against the conservative society. "Fag Fighters: Prologue" is part of a larger work titled Fag Fighters, a provocative work of a fictional urban "guerrilla" unit, where the artist showcases the action of a gay-gang operating at the margins of mainstream society, committing several acts of violence, including sexual abuses.
If in this artwork the border between drama and simulation is blurred and the fictional aspect appears disturbingly realistic, in Vanessa Mitter’s performance “The Mock Modernist Manifesto” the artist strikes-up a hymn of praise to the realm of fictional life-style against the truthfulness of Nicola Ruben Montini’s video footage of his performance “We hope not to have another B-day”, where the reference to Berlusconian Italian times are dramatically related to Mussolini’s dictatorship.
The shows continues with a series of images by London based italian artist Giusy Pirrotta, whose work in the show is a subjective interpretation of an english tourist's memories on the post war italian panorama through a structuralist intervention on the image format source. Thus found medium slides of travel around the world which depict also a some touristic sights of Italy, superimposed and combined in a light box.  The refined approach of Giusy Pirrotta  is here amplified by the work of Olympia Polymeni, whose delicate drawing goes back to the theme of gender, in a naif and enormously poetic approach to the representation of the body.

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