Thursday, December 2, 2010


I've started this project in 2006 and after a long break decided to finish. This Friday and Saturday there will be possibility to see this paintings at the Palace of Culture in Warsaw. Don't miss that!

exhibition is a part of Re:Visions 2010 festival

"Basing on reproductions and postcards, Karol Radziszewski made a series of canvas paintings representing Arno Breker’s sculptures. As a result, the works of the III Reich’s classic artist appear here in a way doubly mediated. The distance that is thus created between Breker’s art and the contemporary artist reproducing it helps to reveal the persistent homoerotic subtext present in so many manifestations of the otherwise aggressively homophobic Nazi culture.
The project was intended from the very beginning to be shown in the Zamek Cesarski (Imperial Castle) in PoznaƄ – an early-20th-century architectural monument of the ‘German spirit’. During WWII, the Castle was rebuilt by Hitler’s favourite architect, Albert Speer, who regularly worked with Breker designing decorations for the III Reich’s official buildings. Devoted to the context of Speer’s architecture is the film, accompanying the painting series, Parseval, illustrated by Wagner’s music."

text by Stach Szablowski, 2007


Frangipan said...

These paintings look great, I hope everything goes well!

karol said...

thx! :)