Saturday, November 6, 2010

Peep Generating

I'm happy to invite you for the group exhibition "Peep Generating". The departure point of the show is voyeurism in its different manifestations. Among other works you will find the early etude by Roman Polanski and one of my favourite films "View from My Window" by legendary Polish video-art pioneer Józef Robakowski.
I'm presenting for the first time in Poland my 9-Channel video installation "Fag Fighters in Riga"
(here are some pics from the preparations in the museum)

"Peep Generating" (Trwa generowanie podgladu)
9th November –19th December 2010
opening: 9.11.2010, 6pm
Museum of Art
36 Więckowskiego Street, Lodz

If you happen to be in Lodz next week don't miss other exhibition where my piece is featured:

04.11.2010 - 10.12.2010
Zona Sztuki Aktualnej
ul.Tymienieckiego 3, Lodz

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