Friday, October 15, 2010

Street Fighting Years

A terrifying tale of love in times of capitalism.

Kinga Dunin

Marek Polak is standing at the top of the skyscraper. He's a Pole who prevailed, and so he feels he has to die. Twenty years of Polish transformation flash before his eyes compressed into one biography, his biography - from the mass for the fatherland to armed interventions in the Third World. After an acclaimed debut „New Romantic” Michał Zygmunt strikes again in style. „Street Fighting Years” is a daring story of a sexual tension we all felt to the money.

This story of Marek Polak, 30 year old millionaire, homosexual homophobe, catholic atheist, and hater in love, is written by Michał Zygmunt, a collaborator of DIK Fagazine since its beginning, and illustrated by Karol Radziszewski, editor-in-chief of DIK Fagazine. In the series of 26 illustrations Karol creates his own interpretation of Marek Polak's story, from his first child games - both cruel and erotic - through the years of teenage frustration, the ultimate transgression which gave him money and power, the love, the war, up to the happy (?) end.

Release date: October 20th 2010

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