Thursday, February 4, 2010

VIDEOS FOR PANTS online exhibition

You are cordially invited to the opening of the VIDEOS FOR PANTS online exhibition at:

start: 6 pm / 5th February 2010 (Friday)

Selected videos are contributed by: Bartek Arobal, Stefan Botez with Paul Dunca, Patryk Chilewicz, Fanny Paul Clinton with Natasha Rees, Grzegorz Dziedzicki, Marcin Gajewski, Brian Kenny, Jay Barry Matthews, Slava Mogutin and Gio Black Peter, Jan Szewczyk.

The idea was very simple. Dicks appear on our pants and later those pants go to the DIK Fagazine fans. DIK's dicks on dicks, right? The first people who got to test them were DIK's friends from all over the world. Artists, young creators, readers of the magazine. Each of them would get a pair of briefs before they go on sale. simultaneously, I would aks them to make a short video explaining how they would wear them. A video with pants in exchange for pants. All submitted films can now be seen on Admire their creativity but also remember: this is not the end of this project!