Monday, September 7, 2009


Check out the latest issue of THE/END with my text and photos from the trip to Ukraine. Among others there are contributions by Bruce LaBruce, Slava Mogutin, Brian Kenny, Heinz Peter Knes.

Wild East

It wasn't the most important or most influential trip in my life but definitely it was... special. Creation of DIK Fagazine includes a lot of travelling btween 'West end East'. For the inspirations our team embarked on a long journey. We spent day and night on the train with locked windows. There was beer and vodka in the compartments. Loud Ukrainian anthems oozed from the intercom in the morning.
Kyiv, finally. Nothing here was what it had seemed to be. A lesbian bar turned out to be an entrance to the fags' sauna. The 'Pepperoni' pizzeria was the local spot for LGTB meetings.
A lovely eating place had a real stand-up shit hole instead of a toilet. The artisitc R.E.P. group are suspected to be fags because they exhibited contemporary art. Designer of little 'devices' reads Heidegger and fucks dwarfs, while the only homo-artist does not know any gays and has never been to a gay club.
The faggy meeting was a fountain in the heart of an underground shopping centre, while the only gay dancing club - Androgyn - is situated in a social realist edifice. Few people understood English, so we spoke Polish and they responded in Ukrainian. We ended up missing the return train. Finally, we returned through Lviv, struggling with difficulty through the crowd of smugglers who were stuffing their knickers with cigarettes at the border.
The next destination was Romania - Bucharest. Perhaps I will tell about it next time.

Text and photos by Karol Radziszewski

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