Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Young and Evil at Outfest

The oldest continuous film festival in Los Angeles, Outfest 2009 features 182 films and videos from 25 countries in 7 different venues over 11 days.

Screening and Conversation | The Young and Evil
Tuesday, July 14 | 7:00 pm

This event, guest curated by Stuart Comer, curator of film, Tate Modern, is a initiative. As the digital glow of the Internet begins to replace the dark space of the cinema, the web continues to evolve into an uncanny hybrid of personal longing and collective interaction. Configurations of watching and being watched take on radically new form. To reconsider the historical contours and shifting relationships of sex and community in the digital age, a range of artists was invited to select two works: one historical film from the underground, to be screened at LACMA, and one contemporary video by an emerging artist, to be screened as part of the upcoming Outfest to be held in Los Angeles in July.

Selectors include Stuart Comer, William E. Jones, Daria Martin, Carlos Motta, Karol Radziszewski, Akram Zaatari, and Bruce Yonemoto.

The LACMA program features works by filmmakers such as Kenneth Anger, Anna Halprin, Curt McDowell, and Barbara Rubin, and will be followed by an onstage conversation between Stuart Comer and artist William E. Jones.The Young and Evil

On Friday, July 17, Platinum will host the contemporary video program, originally commissioned and presented on

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