Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I'm happy to invite you to my solo exhibition STUDIUM / STUDY

ul.Foksal 17B / 30, Warsaw
Opening 16 May 2009, 7 p.m.

Exhibition open till 20 June 2009, Wed-Fri 4 p.m. – 7 p.m. or on the appointment
Breakfast with the Artist: 20 June 2009, from noon till 2 p.m.

"Nudity covered with clothes works as a secret, unambiguous reference. Uncovered, it emerges as a sign, thus coming back to the circulation of signs: nudity does signify."
Jean Baudrillard, "Seduction"

"A young man within a space of a small room poses for a camera. He seems obviously not confused with his role as he changes his poses, eagerly exposing his sculpted body and bending it, with perfect consciousness, in postures seductive or quoting figures known from the history of art. 

The model is young Poznań-based artist Janek Szewczyk, while on the other side of the lens we find Karol Radziszewski, a couple of years his elder. This time, however, Radziszewski – notorious for his voyeurism – decided to shoot his subject "legally", if by a peculiar sort of bargain. Namely, Szewczyk agreed to pose for a couple of hours under condition that he would have the right to use the effect for his work presenting his participation in things done by other artists. That’s how the collaboration started, resulting in 40-minutes long film and a photograph. The meeting stirred some tension as it caused seemingly quite natural relation in which the cameraman was dominant (as the watching one) and the model was subject (as being watched). However, this is no longer obvious if we consider that it was actually both parties that intended to benefit from effects of the session. Perhaps it was Szewczyk who in fact used up Radziszewski as hired camera operator for his own lengthy performance?

The pose Jan Szewczyk assumed on the photograph is no less of an ambiguity. It reveals how subjective perception becomes when influenced by all sorts of cultural contexts, sex and sexual orientation. Is the "Study", therefore, a perversion-loaded allusion to masculine body as a taboo of modern public space? Sometimes even a gesture of setting it within a conventional area of art occurs not enough, as experienced, among others, by Zofia Kulik, who attempted to present photos of masculine sex organs originating from classic sculptures held in the Hermitage gallery in Saint Petersburg. Or perhaps is Radziszewski’s work just a story told about a meeting of two artists and about their all-but-ordinary artistic duel? Karol proves once again that it is not our look that resolves what a watched photograph or film really is. Suspicions about potential relations between Radziszewski and his model may also come into play as possible interpretation of the project. The artist leaves this issue with no clear answer: after all, this is just “a study”, an open, undefined work which really awaits the viewer to complete it."

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