Sunday, May 3, 2009


I'm happy to announce that a few of my new paintings will be presented at PRAGUE BIENNALE 4

14 May - 26 July 2009
Karlin Hall
Prague, Czech Republic

Biennale will focus on the latest developments in international painting (Expanded Painting), including Czech art, twenty years after the fall of the Berlin wall. There will also be included surveys on emerging painters from a few countries. I'm taking part in:

Fancy Success 
Positions in a Young Polish Painting  
Curated by Beata Nowacka-Kardzis Co-curator: Lidia Krawczyk 
Artists: Basia Banda; Agata Bogacka; Tymek Borowski; Ewelina Chrzanowska; Lidia Krawczyk & Wojtek Kubiak; Przemek Matecki; Bartek Materka; Karol Radziszewski.

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