Friday, May 22, 2009


I would like to invite you to my szu szu group newest action:
KASHANTI‘s first concert in Poland!

24th of May, 2009, Sunday
start: 7 PM hostel "Zielone Mazowsze"
ul. Nowogrodzka 46/6

also: Kashanti CD's promotion, video show, and exhibition of our maritime competition works

Kashanti is a group which sings experimental shanties.
Kashanti is szu szu.
Kashanti sings about life and art.

Kashanti have released two cds ("Kashanti" and "Sailors") and they have performed live twice (in Volt Gallery in Bergen, Norway in August, 2008 and in , Graz, Austria, October, 2008).
Volt Gallery, Bergen, hosted Kashanti’s first public performance. Apart from the concert there was a promotional event for the first cd with 9 original songs and an exhibition of works illustrating the songs.
Within "TIT FOR TAT - Counter Images for Transcultural Thinking and Acting - " Kashanti / szu szu performed in the public space of the streets of Graz. The artists, dressed in their performance clothes, were walking around the city with a specially prepared boat, on which there was audio equipment playing and recording sound. Passers by were provoked to join in recording a song about multinational and multicultural Graz. All people participating in the singing received a dictionary, in which maritime words had their non maritime equivalent, for example ocean – mother, harbour – flat. Some used it though others preferred to directly sing their stories and problems. A 27-minutes long, expressive song about Graz was recorded, in which almost all verses were in different languages. This song is Kashanti‘s second record: "Sailors".

szu szu records:
Szu szu's musical activities started during the Firmenladen project in Bern, Switzerland. As a part of their project the idea arose to record a reggae-ragga album. In an amateur production style Bob Kebap's "Wenn der Horror mit dem Humor" was made on which the main performer was the Slovak visual artist Erik Binder. Alongside the album there were accompanying video clips produced. This was the moment when szu szu records came to life, which now concentrates its efforts on releasing and promoting Kashanti's albums.

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