Wednesday, May 6, 2009

ARCHIVE: The Beginning / DIK Fagazine at Goldex Poldex

The new issue of DIK Fagazine is not ready yet but we are happy to announce the DIK Fagazine's new project 'ARCHIVE'. We invite you to Goldex Poldex for the preview exhibition of our research. 

At the show we will present the pre-version of the video interview with Piotr Nathan (Polish artist who left for Germany in 80's), the "audio guide" through the oldest cruising area in Novi Sad, Serbia (including hardcore details), unique reprints of the very first Polish underground gay fanzine FILO which was produced in 80's during the communist era. We will also reveal the e-mail correspondence documenting the research of Michel Foucault‘s Polish lover who lived in Warsaw in 60's. 

09 MAY 2009
Spoldzielnia Goldex Poldex
Krakow, ul. Jozefinska 21/12 (1st floor in the outbuilding) 

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