Monday, January 12, 2009

A trip down (false) memory lane

We are happy to invite you to the show 'A trip down (false) memory lane' which will include - among other artists - works by Karol Radziszewski and a few friends of DIK Fagazine - Slava Mogutin, Brian Kenny, Pawel Kruk and Bruce LaBruce. The exhibition is curated by Jessica Silverman (Silverman Gallery).

13.01 - 13.02.2009
The Lexington Club
3464 19th St, San Francisco, CA

For A trip down (false) memory lane each artist was asked to respond to a memory of the Lexington Club. While over half of the invited artists live in San Francisco and have been to the Lexington it is likely that many invited artists have never been. Based on what each artist knows about the Lexington the artists will create a memory or transfer a memory of another night out into one that could have taken place at the Lexington Club. By inviting those who have been to the Lexington Club and those who have not I am interested in how our imagination is used as an aid in recovering presumably lost or unclear memories.

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