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Yoko Ono in Warsaw

Yoko Ono is dancing and sharing her love with the world...

Vaginal Davis

I forgot to post some photos from the Vaginal Davis show at Bistrotheque in London this August. The day before he was also performing for Stuart Comer from Tate Modern at his birthday party.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Gay, Innocent and Heartless

Here are some pics from Zbigniew Libera project 'The Gay, Innocent and Heartless' (from the book published by Profile Foundation's gallery). I had a really good time together with the boys in the forest.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


I'm happy to invite you to the Polish presentation of the new issue of DIK Fagazine.

Saturday, 29th Nov, start: 6pm
Raster Gallery, Hoza 42 ap. 8, III Floor

DIK, as usually, concentrates on the people. For this issue - totally focused on contemporary Romania - we interviewed emerging artists (Sebastian Moldovan, Vlad Nanca), influential fashion people (Ovidiu Buta, Marian Palie, Olah Gyarfas), a choreographer and young actor (Paul Dunca), a club owner (Issa Nebal), a gay activist (Tudor Kovacs), a journalist who shared with us his impressive collection of photographs (Andrei Jianu) and the Romanian Madonna - Loredana.
Moreover, we show works by Alex Mirutziu, probably the only Romanian artist working with the subject of homosexuality and series of photographs made with a hidden camera nearby the salty lakes of Transylvania. The cover displays a drawing by Dan Perjovschi who contributed with the series of pieces created for this issue and titled The Bucharest Happy Hour Blues, while the comic strip is the work of the great Matei Branea.

In Raster Gallery DIK Fagazine will launch the installation with selected spreads from the magazine with artworks by featured artists. The event will be accompanied by my photo slideshow - Transilvania and shoots of Romanian boys. Our guest will have a chance to discover the sound installation by Kamil Radziszewski (based on the interviews recorded in Romania).

Graphics and my Loredana posters editions will be available for DIK fans during the evening.


Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm happy to invite you for the premiere of the new Romanian issue of DIK Fagazine. It will take place in ParadisGaraj - an independent art space in the centre of the Bucharest. DIK Fagazine will launch the new issue and present special installation with selected spreads from the magazine. The event will be accompanied by my photo slideshow - 'Transilvania'.

1st of November (Saturday), start: 6 pm
place: ParadisGaraj, Strada Batistei 20
Bucharest, Romania


New York City Boy

New York City boy
You'll never have a bored day
'Cause you're a New York City boy
Where Seventh Avenue meets Broadway

When you're a boy some days are tough
Lying on your bed playing punk rock and stuff
Home is a boot camp you gotta escape
Wanna go and wander in the ticker tape

more pics soon ;)

Monday, October 20, 2008

DIK Fagazine at New York Art Book Fair

I'm happy to announce that DIK Fagazine will be participating in QUEER ZINES, an inclusive survey of over 100 publications by international independent publishers, curated by Philip Aarons and AA Bronson, with Alex Gartenfeld. The exhibition will be presented at Printed Matter's NY Art Book Fair. A comprehensive catalogue is available for purchase.

On our booth we will be presenting the newest Romanian issue of DIK Fagazine.

24 - 26 of October 2008

Phillips de Pury & Company
450 West 15th Street at 10th Avenue, 3rd floor, NYC

For more information and a press release please visit:



Friday, September 12, 2008

Fag Fighters in Butcher Queers

From 'Fag Fighters to 'Fanny Bandits'
Issue two of Butcher Queers is serving up 32 pages of subversive, edgy writing, photography and opinions. Featuring: Karol Radziszewski, Jarlath Gregory, Una Rocks, Adrian + Shane.

The Young and Evil

I'm happy to recommend a multimedia project organized by Tank TV and Tate Modern featuring videos selected by me.

'The Young and Evil' on www.tank.tv
Curated by Stuart Comer

14th July 2008 - 21st September 2008
The second part of this exhibition will be screened at Tate Modern on the 20th September 2008, 19.00.

The digital glow of the internet has largely replaced the dark space of the cinema as the site where furtive desires are first expressed and encountered on flickering screens. Consequently, the web continues to evolve into an uncanny hybrid of personal longing and collective interaction where configurations of watching and being watched take on radically new form. Reconsidering the historical contours and shifting relationships of sex and community in the digital age, a range of artists has been invited to select two works: one contemporary video shown to be shown online, and one historical film to be screened in the cinema. Selectors include Andrea Geyer, William E Jones, Carlos Motta, Emily Roysdon, Akram Zaatari, Daria Martin, Karol Radziszewski and Bruce Yonemoto.

The programme derives its title from The Young and Evil, a scandalous exposé of subcultures in Greenwich Village written by Charles Henri Ford and Parker Tyler in 1932. It was banned in the United States and England and was published by the Obelisk Press in Paris in 1933.

Selected by Stuart Comer: William E. Jones, 'Mansfield 1962', 2006.
Selected by William E. Jones: Naotaka Hiro, 'Piss Watch (One to Twelve)', 2006.
Selected by Carlos Motta: Tara Mateik, 'Operation Invert', 2003.
Selected by Akram Zaatari: Ali Cherri, 'You', 2008.
Selected by Emily Roysdon: Wu Ingrid Tsang, 'The Shape of a Right Statement I', 2008.
Selected by Andrea Geyer: Emily Roysdon, 'POW', 2005.
Selected by Daria Martin: Siobhan O'Brien, 'Physical Education'.
Selected by Karol Radziszewski: Mark Raidpere, 'Andrey/Andris', 2006.
Selected by Bruce Yonemoto: David Burns, 'ASSWAX', 1999, 4 min. 

The second part of this exhibition will be screened at Tate Modern on the 20th September 2008, 19.00. 
Book tickets here.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

DIK Fagazine in Norway

I'm happy to announce that DIK Fagazine will be presented by Volt in Robot. It's our first time in Norway.

21st August (Thursday) 6 pm
Robot, Skostredet 16, 5017 Bergen


Friday, August 8, 2008

DIK Fagazine at Publish and Be Damned

I'm happy to announce that DIK Fagazine was participating in fifth edition of Publish and Be Damned fair.

Sunday August 3rd
from 12 - 6 pm
Rochelle School, Arnold Circus, London E2

This event will gather magazines, DIY fanzines and other publications from all over the world. The fair brings an opportunity to meet their producers and editors as well as find what is new in non commercial independent publication offer.

Publish and be Damned profiles individual and experimental approaches to making and distributing the work of artists, writers and musicians outside of the commercial mainstream, encompassing DIY fanzines, magazines, critical journals, glossy periodicals, video compendiums and independent record labels.
The fair continues to profile range of London based publications as well as provides a unique platform for many publications from all over the World. The fair seeks to foster a network of self producers and creates a platform to present work with limited distribution possibilities.

For more information please visit:



Sunday, July 20, 2008

My photo book

A unique book/object – compilation of my photo shoots and 3 years of DIK Fagazine documentation.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Wall

My new work 'The Wall' created for the 'Another City, Another Life' group exhibition at Zacheta – National Gallery of Art, Warsaw (PL)